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Outdoor living: 

We specialize in  building Outdoor Kitchen. Our past projects include both new construction of BBQ Grill Kitchen Island, repairs/restore,  and  cleaning Service. 




Our outdoor kitchen specialist will work with you through  the entire process  to bring your  outdoor kitchen to life.

Contact us to get started on your Outdoor Kitchen of your dreams.

We build Custom BBQ Islands, Fire Pits and Pergolas

Grill cleaning service


We transform a dirty BBQ grill to a hygienic deep clean in 6 steps:

  1. Inspect burners and igniters.
  2. Disassemble all removable parts
  3. BBQ degreasing: Hood, drip pans, burners & roastery racks.
  4. Deep cleaning of the components: racks and heat plates.
  5. BBQ polish: exterior
  6. Reassemble and tasting of a BBQ grill.

What do I need for a Outdoor Kitchen

Most Popular Outdoor Kitchen

  • Built-in Grill
  • Access Door
  • Side burner
  • Refrigerator
  • Trash bin

Add on options: Outdoor Kitchen Ventilation

  • Vent hood
  • Island Vent Panel
  • Insulated grill jacket
  • Propane gas grill

Additional: Outdoor Kitchen storage

  • Door Drawer combo
  • Access drawers
  • Paper Towel holder
  • Access door

Outdoor Refrigerator

  • ice Maker
  • Kegerator
  • Outdoor freezer

Tips to maintaining your grill


 You should always cover your grill. Grill covers are available in all shapes and sizes.    

If your grill sits on pavement, place a tarp or a grill matt underneath it to catch grease and food. 

 Replacing your BBQ grill parts is  very important.

 Give your grill a thorough cleaning every five to 10 uses. Clean the tubes. They need to be clear to work properly. Even a small blockage can become a fire hazard.

Benefits for a clean BBQ Grill



 We will have removed harmful carcinogens that could be transfer to your food.


A clean grill is a secret for a great Grilling 


 A clean BBQ grill keep away pests    


 A clean grill no longer has that rancid grease smell